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Frequently Asked Questions

xChainge is an Ethereum based P2P platform with a user-friendly interface for anonymous storing and trading tokens and digital currencies independent to any private or sovereign control or regulation. Our solution provides users with a secure, rapid and an inexpensive tool for trading any digital or even physical asset.

An exchange platform is composed of three elements: token storage, the exchange operation itself and transaction clearing. In order to be truly decentralized, all of the elements have to be implemented in such way, which is what no one has done before. All the projects at this moment ignore the last part - transaction clearing. It's still done on one or multiple servers under control of one single entity, which means the operations can be compromised, blocked, rolled back, tampered with, fed to a dog, call it whatever - it's still not acceptable and not inherently secure. We are working on making the last piece of the decentralization puzzle in form of Arianda Network, which is specifically designed to do decentralized transaction clearing.

We are also doing our best to develop the most user-friendly interface because we are convinced that a tool with a familiar interface will bring the blockchain world closer to people who are long used to the simplicity and convenience of the classic online banking software.

    A long-time blockchain enthusiast may cope with the interface of EtherDelta, but try explaining how to use it to your former not-so-wise classmate Joey. If we, as a community, want more people in the cryptocurrency world, we desperately need a solution which is accessible and familiar to anyone. Joey doesn't need to know how an engine works to drive a fancy car, and neither he has to know how cryptocurrencies work to use them.
  • Cryptoasset owners, who are seeking a simple, convenient and a secure solution to store and trade their tokens, even the ones with low liquidity.
  • Traders who wish to make secure and fast deals.
  • People willing to earn XCH by becoming a part of the network (creating a Matcher node or becoming an Arbiter). See the Crowdsale page or the WP for details.

Desktop and mobile wallet applications with amazing user-friendly interface available on all major platforms (Windows, OS X, iOS, Android);

Built-in peer-to-peer decentralized on-chain exchange that allows to easily trade any ERC-20 tokens (in the future, a cross-chain exchange will be supported);

Private clearing nodes (Matcher nodes) and liquidity pools that allow instant off-chain trading;

Smart Contract builder - the tool that allows users easily to create customized smart contracts for scheduled or conditional transactions;

Decentralized exchange services are not subject to external regulations and a large number of operational risks. No authority can block access to the exchange or prevent you from trading your tokens. Cheating or hacking on xChainge is also impossible as all transactions are verified multiple times by our Proof-of-Snitch protocol.
The wallet and the P2P on-chain trading is going to be available in Q1 of 2018. Other important features e.g. the Smart Contract builder, cross-chain deals and physical goods deals will all become available during the Q3 and Q4 of 2018. Please subscribe to the news updates on Crowdsale page.
According to the Roadmap of the project, P2P decentralized trading will become available in Q3 of 2018 and the fully operational decentralized exchange network will be launched in Q2 in 2019. Please take a look at our Roadmap for further details.
All members of xChainge believe in anonymity thus our platform doesn't require you to provide any personal information.
You can store any ERC-20 compatible tokens in your xChainge wallet.

XCHAINGE Foundation, the non-profit fund established in the Principality of Liechtenstein by Russian co-founders, who invested the first batch of their money into the project.

The engineering team consists of a dozen highly skilled developers who all have worked on various cool products (see the Team page for more info)

xChainge is a non-commercial project and we won't charge users for using our platform.
Money collected during the crowsdale will be used to fund the engineering team who will make xChainge a reality. In return to your support we will award you with special XCH tokens.
XCH tokens are ERC-20 compatible utility tokens whose primary purpose is to be used on the xChainge platform to pay Matchers' and Arbiters' fees, to create security deposits, etc. The full list of applications can be found in the White Paper.
We expect the price of XCH to rise significantly as more and more people are engaged in trading on xChainge, thus you may invest now to get a large return in the future.
You can sign up for the crowdsale of XCH tokens, which will start on December 05, 2017 or you can participate in our Bounty program and earn rewards in XCH for promoting the project on your Twitter, Facebook or other social media. See the Bounty page for more details.
Send the desired amount of ETH to our smart contract and wait till the auction is finished and the final price is evaluated (It'll happen on Dec 30th or when all tokens are sold).
We expect to sell 23 529 412 XCH tokens. 85% will be distributed among token holders; 10% will be given out to the team members; 3% - to advisors, and 2% - to Bounty campaign participants. See the Bounty and Crowdsale pages for more details.
Yes, that's 1,000,000 ETH, but remember, that the token price is not fixed. With respect to the Dutch auction model that we're using for the crowdsale, the community is to decide how much the token should really cost - 0.05 ETH or all the way down to 0.005 ETH. xChainge does not have a goal to attract that much funding, just the 10,000 ETH that is required to bring the project to life. If you're wondering where exactly the money will go, please refer to the White Paper.
In standard auction schemes the participants are always under pressure, because of the constantly growing price. However, Dutch auction offers an opposite, more fair approach - the final price of a token at the end of the campaign is the same for everyone. Either the minimum of 0.005 ETH or whatever the price is on December 30th. Even though the price decreases over time, it doesn't mean that early investors will get less tokens for more money - tokens will be distributed according to the final price. Eventually it's up to the investor to decide how much he values the token, so feel free to invest at any time and wait to see what does the market think of the project - you probably will get more tokens than you expected.
We don't label investors as 'early' or 'late' - every one of our supporters is equal to us. Getting a set of tokens early for a higher price, will in fact bring you more tokens at the lower same-for-everyone price at the end of the crowdsale.
If we collect less than 10,000 ETH (the soft cap), all issued and unsold tokens will be destroyed and the money will be returned to investors.
The xChainge Foundation and its subsidiaries are registered in the Principality of Liechtenstein and the ICO campaign is in the process of being approved by Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein and complies with the EU laws, so if you are from the EU you're welcome to invest. Any other country is also welcome, except for the U.S and China because of their restrictions against blockchain economy. However, as our tokens are not security, but utility ones, they don't face regulatory restrictions by the U.S. law, so you may be fine but please consult with your lawyer beforehand.
Technical details of the project can be found in the Whitepaper or at the crowdsale page.

We are passionate about improving the infrastructure of the ETH network and with the help of equally passionate community, we could do great things! The best we can do is to go open source.

We expect that our work will be used in other ETH-based projects. Just as we took inspiration from 0x, another team could start off with our code. Think machine learning. Big companies did huge R&D so that anyone can use their tools and start their own ML-based projects with ease.

No, we don't. The stand out feature of xChainge is that every part of it is decentralized.

Bottom line is that our users run Matcher nodes which are bound together by Ariadna protocol to ensure decentralized exchange.

One doesn't simply disable such a network in one click :)

XCH token is essentially a long-term investment - the price is expected to rise as the platform grows.

TL;DR The 51% attack is not possible in Ariadna network.

In order to meet consensus in transaction processing, the network selects 6 random nodes to form a transaction processing cluster, which does the calculations and result verification. The number 6 is not a final number and the size of the cluster will be most likely adjusted during R&D. Even if it turns out that one person controls all the nodes of a cluster, which is incredibly unlikely by itself given the expected size of the network, the node owner might not know that he's processing a transaction at a certain point of time, let alone know what that transaction is, as this information is hidden.